Weight Loss: When Do You Actually See Results?

  • Many factors can affect how long you notice weight loss results, such as your starting weight and diet plan. 
  • Most people see results within one to two weeks of sticking to their weight loss plan.
  • A consistent weight loss plan can reduce your numbers on the scale and help you fit in smaller clothing sizes. 

When Weight Loss Becomes Noticeable

Several factors affect how fast you’ll see weight loss results, so there is no clear-cut answer when your weight loss will show. Here are some of the reasons that results vary.

1. Starting Size 

If you initially are in the obese range on the body mass index (BMI), your weight can change quickly. However, the changes may not be very noticeable. If you have a lower BMI, weight changes may come gradually, but more obvious. 

2. Diet Type

Some diet plans, including Atkins and South Beach, are designed to accelerate weight loss in the initial phase, and the results are more noticeable sooner. 

3. Carbohydrate Intake

Limiting carbohydrate intake can lead to faster water loss because your body needs water to store carbohydrates. Losing excess water makes you feel and look thinner even without a change in your amount of body fat. 

4. Weigh-In Frequency

According to research, weighing yourself regularly is associated with weight loss. According to a 2019 study, people who weighed themselves daily lost more weight than those who did it weekly.

5. Measurement Method

People measure progress differently. Most people are likely to see changes on the scale first and then see how their clothes fit. Some people notice a change in their thighs, belly, or face. 

If your weight loss plan includes an exercise program, you’re also more likely to see a change in your body shape. However, keep in mind that increased muscle mass can cause weight gain even if you lose body fat. 

6. When Clothing Size Changes

Many people who are trying to lose weight aim to fit into a smaller clothing size. But keep in mind that height plays a big role here too. If you are a 5-feet-tall woman, losing 10 pounds may mean that you’ve shed off 10% of your body weight, which can change your clothing size down to two sizes. But if you are a tall, athletic woman, losing 10 pounds probably won’t be noticeable. 

According to experts, you go down one clothing size for every 10 to 12 pounds you lose. 

Weight loss is also not even throughout the body, and your clothing size depends on a particular body part’s measurement: 

  • Pants: Trim down your waist and hip size by about 1 to 1.5 inches.
  • Top: For smaller sizes, reduce your bust and waist measurement by approximately one inch. For medium and larger sizes, reduce by 1.5 inches. 
  • Dress: Trim down your waist, bust, and hip size by approximately one inch.

Timeline for Noticeable Weight Loss

Everyone’s weight loss result timeline is different, but below is a sample of changes you might see when you stick to a healthy eating plan and exercise program: 

  • Week one: You lose up to five pounds and feel better, but won’t see major changes in your body.
  • Week two: You will see changes in your body shape, feel that it’s easier to exercise and your clothes are looser.
  • Week three: You will feel the momentum in your weight loss journey as your body responds well to the program.
  • Week four: You’ve lost enough weight and have fit in smaller clothing sizes. 
  • After four weeks: You’ve adjusted to your new eating plan. 

Source: Very Well Fit

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