5 Summer Foods That Will Leave You Feeling Bloated

  • It’s that time of year once again when you hit the beach and show off your toned figure, but are you?
  • Be mindful of what you eat because if you eat the ‘wrong’ thing you could look like you’re expecting.
  • There are certain ‘summer’ or ‘beach’ foods that you need to avoid because they can make you bloat and ruin your hard-earned beach body.

What are the foods that people love to eat in summer but cause bloating?


Reason:  Salt and fructose

A bag of trail mix seems like a waist-friendly beach snack because it’s filled with satiating nuts and bits of fiber-filled fruit, so it’s got to be a healthier choice, right? Unfortunately, not so much. Like the chips and pretzels, most trail mixes are loaded with salt. Sodium in salt attracts water like a magnet, causing water retention and bloating. And for those who have trouble absorbing fructose, the dried fruit in the mix only makes it worse.

Even if you don’t think you’re sensitive to the natural sugar in fruits, it’s better to steer clear when your agenda is to show off on the beach. University of Kansas research says that about 50 percent of people experience gas from fructose.

Alternative: Unsalted nuts and fruits that banish bloat.


Reason: Lactose

Who wouldn’t want ice cream on a hot summer day? When you see an ice cream truck pulling into the parking lot, it’s possible to indulge in a scoop or two without blowing your diet, but if you really want your abs to pop, you may want to reconsider indulging in something creamy. Dairy lactose can cause bloating, gas and stomach discomfort even if you aren’t particularly intolerant of the sugar.

Alternative: Popsicle Pop Ups. They’re a popular summer staple that’s low in sugar (10 g) and calories (80-90).



Reason: Alcohol, fructose and artificial sweeteners

As the temperature rises, so does the availability of booze, making it all harder to fight the urge to indulge. But if you want to look your best in your swim gear, just say no.

Alcohol’s diuretic effect can cause water retention and bloat, and if you indulge in something sugary like a piña colada, your body will also produce a gas to aid its digestion. And ordering a “skinny” version your favorite umbrella-topped drink is just as dangerous: To cut calories, bartenders and booze producers fill these beverages with hard-to-digest artificial sweeteners, which cause the belly to swell up like a balloon.

Alternative: If you’re craving something fruity in your cup, mix up a pitcher of detox water and bring it along to the beach.


Reason: Oligosaccharides and artificial sweeteners

If you’re looking to slim down long-term, nutrition bars is a smart move. But if you’re looking to keep your tummy tight on the beach, you won’t be a fan of what these snacks do to your belly.

Most bars turn to gas-inducing soy isolate to amp up the protein count, and like other beans, soy contains oligosaccharides, sugar molecules the body struggles to break down. With nowhere to go, oligosaccharides hang out in your stomach, causing uncomfortable pressure and bloat.

Alternative: For lunch, enjoy some honeydew melon–a naturally diuretic fruit–and a bed of spinach salad topped with grilled chicken. The green superfood, while filling, is one of the few salad starters that doesn’t cause bloating.



Reason: Carbonation

Though you may love the fizzy bubbles in sparkling waters, sodas and seltzers, you won’t love how they get trapped in your stomach and cause it to swell like a pufferfish.

Alternative: Though it’s not the most exciting option, choose plain water. The more hydrated you are, the less apt you are to retain fluid.

Source: Eat This, Not That!

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