Pump Some Iron

Pump Some Iron

It’s no secret that working out can help you stay young. But did you know that pumping iron is a big part of that? If all you do is get in your daily cardio, you may be missing out.

Lifting weights can help you feel younger than your time. We’ve all heard that “40 is the new 30” and so on. Well if you add some weights to your gym routine, it could be true for you.

“When done properly, weight-training makes microtears in the muscles, which leads your body to generate thicker, stronger muscle fiber.” says Bob Greene, trainer and author of 20 Years Younger. Strengthening your muscles in this way leaves you less vulnerable to injuries and builds your stamina.

Lower body and core are the key. If you have been sedentary for most of your life or have only focused on cardio, be sure to approach a weight routine with caution. Make sure you have consulted a doctor first and start with low weights and work your way up.

Before you know it, the 20 somethings at the gym will be asking for your advice.

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