Problems Caused by Rubbing Your Eyes Too Often [Video]

  • Your eyes are one of the most vital organs in your body, and practicing essential eye care habits should be done every day.
  • To care for your eyes, one of the things you can do is to avoid rubbing them.
  • While it seems to be the most immediate relief for an eye problem, rubbing your eyes may lead to more severe eye problems.

Caring for your eyes need not be complicated. There are some simple things you can do every day to ensure that your eyes are taken care of. And one of the eye care habits you can practice is avoiding rubbing your eyes too often.

Rubbing your eyes might give you instant relief after staring all day on a computer or reading your favorite book. But if you often rub your eyes and do it forcefully, it can cause more damage.

Avoid rubbing your eyes too often to not to experience the following eye problems.

Blood Shot Eyes and Dark Circles

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Regularly rubbing your eyes can cause the breakage of tiny blood vessels that can result in bloodshot eyes. The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai advises people not to rub their eyelids too often as it can lead to dark circles around the eyes. Because of too much rubbing, the eyelids get inflamed; that is why it appears dark.

Lax Eyelid

It will damage not only the eyeballs but also the eyelids if you rub your eyes too often. Too much pressure on the eyelids can make it lose its elasticity. Dr. Mark Mifflin, a professor of Opthalmology at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, recommends applying slight pressure when you need to rub your eyes.

Eye Infections

As you use your hands to rub your eyes, it cannot be prevented that some bacteria might be transferred from your hands to your eyes. These bacteria can infect the eyes and cause conjunctivitis, an eye infection that causes redness, itchiness, and tearing of the eyes. As advised by the American Optometric Association, a warm compress can relieve an infected eye’s pain and itchiness.   

Eye Diseases

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Forcibly rubbing the eyes can result in distortion and weakening of the cornea that results in a condition called keratoconus. Dr. Mifflin explains that keratoconus is the eye disease wherein the regularly round-shaped cornea becomes thinner and starts to form into a cone-like shape. A corneal transplant will be needed if the disease progresses.

Scratched Cornea

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When something got caught in your eyes, your initial response is to rub it. It might seem to be a good solution, but it can also lead to a more severe problem. Your cornea might get scratched as you keep on rubbing your eyes. According to the Mayo Clinic, while it takes a few days to heal, it can also lead to ulcers when it is not treated. 

Worse Vision

blurred vision caused by increased screen time
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The 2016 study published in Opthalmology showed that about 9.6 million people who have progressive myopia have a vision that has gotten worst over time because of too much eye rubbing.

Progressive Glaucoma

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Glaucoma is a severe eye condition resulting from increased intraocular pressure in the eyes. Because of too much pressure, it can lead to loss of vision. And if you continue to rub your eyes regularly, you are applying added pressure to your eyes, making your glaucoma worse.  

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