It’s all in your smile!

It’s all in your smile!

As you age, everyday wear and tear takes a toll on your teeth. The yellow in your teeth is a clear sign of aging. So are those missing teeth, or dentures that accidentally fall out from time to time. If you want to look 10, even 20 years younger – simply start with that beautiful smile of yours. There is nothing that is going to make as big of a difference then a full set of pearly whites.

There are a number of things you can do to fix that smile of yours.

1. Brush Your Teeth Twice a Day

There’s nothing better for your teeth, then brushing them daily. Well I guess brushing them twice daily is better. And you should use an electric tooth brush, as it will remove 80% more plaque than a regular toothbrush.

2. Floss It Up

I’m sure you don’t want your teeth to fall out, so be sure to floss them after every meal.

3. Say “Hello” to Your Dental Hygienist

It is recommended to get your teeth professionally cleaned every 6 months. This will give your teeth a clean slate to work with, to help get you back on track.

4. Add a Healthy Dose of These To Your Diet

There are certain foods that are great for your teeth. If you add more carrots, cauliflower, cheese, salmon, spinach, apples, and strawberries to your diet, your teeth will be whiter in no time.

5. Time to Go White

It may be that time to get a treatment to help whiten those yellow teeth of yours. There are a few options from whitening toothpaste, whitening kits, or even getting laser treatment from your dentist. Be sure to do your own research on which option is best for you. Whitening is definitely the quickest way to a brighter smile. But, remember to follow the other steps above, or you’ll be back on the yellow train in no time at all.

6. Implants?

Unfortunately, there is still a chance over time your teeth start falling out. Or maybe you had them knocked out in a bar fight with a young buck at the local watering hole. If there are gaps in that smile of yours, the worst thing to do would be to whiten your teeth before you get some teeth in to fill those gaps. May be time for you to look into dental implants, and hey… you’ll have that perfect smile when it’s all said and done.

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