Is there a way to cure asthma? [Video]

  • Asthma is a chronic illness and unfortunately, there is no cure for it.
  • Treatments and lifestyle measures can help manage the condition. 
  • Over 24 million Americans have asthma, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

Asthma is a chronic illness, and it is not curable. However, there are treatments that can help manage the condition. If you have asthma, here are some ways to manage your symptoms:

  • following an asthma treatment plan recommended by your doctor
  • learning and avoiding your triggers 
  • maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • keeping track of symptoms and activities
  • being prepared for flare-ups

For people with asthma, the most important thing they can do to manage their condition is to learn about the symptoms and triggers of their illness. 

According to research, practising traditional asthma education practices, along with internet-based programs, can improve someone’s knowledge about asthma. 

Medical treatments

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For long-term control, asthma patients should regularly take drugs that may be inhaled or taken in the form of tablets or injections. These drugs can prevent swelling, inflammation, and other symptoms. There are also drugs, usually in the form of inhalers, that provide quick relief for those who are experiencing asthma attacks. 

Natural treatments

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Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) also provide support and relief for people with asthma. 

The most commonly used natural treatments include:

  • Herbs, vitamins, and food supplements that contain magnesium and vitamin D. 
  • Biofeedback anf other mind-body practices
  • Massage and other manipulative body practices
  • Breathing techniques

There is no scientific evidence for the effectiveness of these natural treatments, and some also come with risks. Consult your doctor before using any natural therapies.

Lifestyle changes

Positive lifestyle changes, like the ones listed below, can also help manage asthma symptoms.

  • quitting smoking
  • eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables 
  • using non-toxic cleaning products 
  • adopting a doctor-recommended exercise
  • reducing stress
  • maintaining a healthy weight


Asthma triggers can make symptoms worse or start an attack. People with asthma should limit exposure or altogether avoid the following triggers: 

  • polluted air
  • mold, pollen, and other allergens from insects and pets
  • toxic cleaning chemicals
  • aspirin
  • viral infections in the upper respiratory tract 
  • emotional stress

Keeping track of your exposure, activities, and symptoms can help your doctor recommend treatment plans for you. 

Future development

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While asthma is manageable, it can affect a person’s daily activities. In the U.S, asthma has a mortality rate of 13.3 per million adults annually. Researchers are studying biologic therapies as a possible treatment for asthma. This treatment uses specific antibodies to prevent asthma progression and flare-ups. Scientists are also looking at using microRNA to prevent white blood cells from causing inflammation and other symptoms of asthma. 

Source: Medical News Today

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