How to Quit Smoking Naturally [Video]

  • Smoking can lead to many severe conditions such as heart diseases, pulmonary diseases and even cancer.
  • While smokers are aware of the dangers of smoking, it is very addictive and quitting from it isn’t easy.
  • Aside from medications and patches, there are natural ways smokers can rely on to quit smoking.

People choose to smoke due to different reasons. But while the reasons vary, the effects of smoking would be the same – it can cause several severe health conditions like lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

Although smokers are aware of the harmful effects of smoking, they cannot get themselves to quit smoking. It is partly due to the reason that smoking is very addictive. But there are now a lot of options that can help smokers kick their habit. They can try nicotine replacement therapy such as gums, lozenges, patch, inhaler or non-nicotine medications.  

While these medical options are useful to some, there are also natural ways smokers can rely on to quit their habit of smoking. Below are some of them.


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If you set your mind on it, then you can achieve it. According to a study involving smokers, this belief proves to be effective. The researchers at the University of Wisconsin shared that among the smokers involved about 56% of them have successfully quit smoking after joining eight 45-minute meditation sessions. 


Talking to your doctor will also be helpful in your quitting journey. They can encourage you to set your mind on quitting. Janet Konefal, an acupuncturist at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, shares that they also advise smokers to talk positively to themselves regarding quitting.

An analysis of 31,000 smokers in the UK showed that talking with your doctors can increase the likelihood of quitting by 3%.  

Team Up

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Sharing your quitting journey with somebody will be much more effective. In a study by the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey School of Public Health, among the 1000 smokers who met with a buddy or a group, It was found out that the quit rate after six months was as high as 41%. Nearly 50% of those who also attended group meetings at work successfully stopped smoking.    

Work Out

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Keeping your body active can improve your quit rate. Based on research at Brown University, those women who do intensive exercises were more successful in quitting than those who did not exercise. Another study at the University of Exeter in the UK noted that cyclers had fewer cravings compared to those who are non-cyclers.

Acupuncture and Massage

Engaging in acupuncture may work towards smoking cessation. Konefal shares that by using six treatment of ear acupuncture, the quit rate increased by 30%.

Self-massage also proves to be an effective anti-smoking method. Researchers at the University of Miami noted that a two-minute hand or ear massage could lessen cravings.

Sweeter Option

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When it comes to smoking, your mouth or body crave for something, that is why you end up lighting a cigarette. Psychiatric professor at Penn State College of Medicine, Jonathan Foulds, suggest that instead of cigars, you can opt for glucose tablets to satisfy your cravings.

Mix your diet

As there are kinds of food that make the cigarette taste better, it is crucial to avoid these foods. When asked by researchers at the University of Duke, most smokers listed coffee, alcohol, and red meat to be cigarette taste enhancers. At the same time, fruits and vegetables make smoking unappealing. Therefore, including more fruits and vegetables can be essential in helping you quit smoking.  

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