How to Lift Your Mood This Pandemic [Video]

  • Maintaining a positive attitude during this pandemic is vital.
  • You might sometimes get worried or anxious, but you should not allow it to make you feel down.
  • Dr. Shannon O’Neill has some helpful tips to help you stay positive during this pandemic.

The world continues to cope up with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. While people adjust to the new normal of doing things, it is also essential to have a positive mindset in welcoming these changes.

One therapist at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, Dr. Shannon O’Neill, explains that the coronavirus pandemic makes people worried and anxious because they need to follow regulations and orders. When people are expected to act out behaviors, they lose their sense of peace and fall into depression. Also, not spending time with other family members during special occasions can add to their depression.

With these current situations, it that can make people fall into depression, Dr. O’Neill recommends tips on how people can continue being positive amidst what is happening.

Here are what she recommends.

Reflect on the things you are still thankful of.

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In every situation, there are good and not-so-good sides. While you do not expect every day to be a happy day always, there are still some things that can make your day. Dr. O’Neill shares that you can download an app called The Three Good Things that allows you to think and reflect on three good things that happened to you every day. With these, it can help you realize that even small things have a significant impact. You will also be reminded that it is better to do these things often to lessen negative thoughts and promote positive well-being.

Do something good for yourself each day.

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You might be feeling that your life has been a routine ever since the coronavirus started – waking up, exercising indoors, eating home-cooked meals, working from home, and sleeping. While these are all the things you can only do because of what the current situation allows, you can still inject some small and new activities to make your day exciting. Dr. O’Neill suggests trying out something different each day after waking up to break up your routine. It might not be that grand, and it can only be as simple as doing a new exercise, trying a unique flavor of coffee, or choosing a fresh breakfast. Doing this might give you a new way of seeing things every day.

Bring out your creativity.

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While this pandemic might not allow you to go outside, it can be a venue to do new things. You might discover something new about yourself. It might be a unique talent or skill. You can also do things that can bring out your creativity, like repainting your house or redecorating your rooms. Dr. O’Neill explains that if you become creative, your mind will need to focus, and you will not have time to think of distractions. This way, you can also stop thinking about the pandemic.

Schedule a worrying-time.

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This pandemic has opened many opportunities to do things differently. With coping with anxiety or depression, Dr. O’Neill has one tip that she likes to share. It is about setting a time for worrying. You can do this by picking a set time every day to think of things that make you worried. It will be an excellent chance to worry at some time and then be at peace for the rest of the day.

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