How to Effectively Lose Weight During Lockdown

  • Losing weight includes discipline and commitment.
  • To lose weight, you need to be mindful of your diet and activities.
  • During this lockdown, there are still many ways you can do to keep track of your weight goals.

Keeping in track with your weight goals during this time of lockdown can be quite challenging. With a lot of time spent staying at home, and a lot of comfort foods that are just within reach, losing weight or maintaining your weight will require hard work. But nothing cannot be done with commitment and discipline.

Although there are limitations and excuses for working out or following a healthy diet at home, there are still helpful and convenient ways to lose weight.

Below are some of them. 

Choose healthy, filling foods and snacks.

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Staying at home gives you the chance to eat what you like and how often you want it. But to keep track of your weight goals, you should be eating foods that can keep you full throughout the day and limit you from snacking too often. Foods high in proteins such as lean meat and fiber-rich foods like fruit and vegetables are the best options.

You may have also filled up your pantry with a lot of snack foods that you plan to snack on during your free time.

While snacking is beneficial for losing weight according to a study in the American Dietetic Association Journal, it is also essential to choose the right foods to snack on. Instead of unhealthy junk foods, opt for healthy snacks that contain low carb and sugar but high in protein.

Stay hydrated.

You may think that you don’t need to drink much water because you are just at home and not doing things that might make you dehydrated. But when you are trying to lose weight, the more you need to be hydrated. The Annals of Family Medicine shared a study showing that people who have high body mass index (BMI) were also the ones who drank water the less. This result only proves that drinking water is a vital factor in losing weight.

Get enough sleep and rest.

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While you feel you have all the time to do things, do not forget to have sufficient sleep also. Getting enough sleep can positively affect your weight loss. According to Elizabeth M. Ward, registered dietitian and nutritionist, enough sleep affects your hunger hormones and your choice of healthy foods. If you lack sleep, your energy levels are also low, and you tend to eat chips and sweets. These kinds of foods can increase your energy but also contains a lot of calories.

Be active.

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There may be limitations, but you can still be active and continue your exercise routines while at home. You can follow online workout videos, have a Zumba with your family, jog around the house, run up and down the stairs, or do yoga or pilates in one corner of your home.

Prepare food in advance.

With a lot of time available, you can now enjoy freshly cooked meals. While this is one good thing about being lockdown, it is still advisable to prepare foods beforehand. Pre-prepared meals let you proportion foods, so you do not overeat. You can control how much you eat when your food is already portioned out and will also prevent you from snacking often.

Source: Eat This, Not That!

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