Everything You Need To Know About GOLO Diet

  • GOLO Metabolic Plan is an alternative to traditional approach to weight loss that depends on calorie counting and physical activities.
  • The program focuses on balancing hormones inside the human body and recommends supplement capsules to improve weight loss.
  • Only available data on this metabolic eating plan is from the company, making it difficult to evaluate how effective this program is.

There is an increase in the number of available approach to weight loss, with new one developed every year. GOLO Metabolic Plan is considered one of these popular approaches to weight loss and became the top diet searched online. Here is everything that you need to understand about this program.

What is GOLO?

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GOLO Metabolic Plan focuses on balancing hormones inside the human body. The basic concept for this program is about hormone regulation that instigates mental health problems, which leads to fatigue, overeating, emotional eating, and poor sleep quality.

This program is developed by a team of doctors and pharmacists to restore hormonal balance, repair metabolism. This is an alternative to traditional approach to weight loss that depends on calorie counting and physical activities.

GOLO Release

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Release supplements “contains important plant extracts and key minerals clinically proven to help manage the physical and psychological aspects of weight,” per the plan website.

These added supplements are the cornerstone of the metabolic plan, promised to restore hormonal balance and repair metabolism. The recommended intake of release supplement is post-meals, three times per day. The company said modifications to meet special dietary needs and preferences are already considered. For instance, recommended intake is reduced for people with 10- to 20-pounds to lose.

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Test participants included in research studies on this metabolic plan lost on average a total of 37.4 pounds (16.1% of body weight) and 6.4 inches around their waists. The publication reported that there is a significant difference between test participants under release supplement treatments and those under placebo. However, there are no independent data on release supplements — only company-funded biomedical research data.

Release supplement ingredients are protected under Patent/Invention Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This puts restrictions on available information about these supplements, including ingredient quantities. However, Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database identified some of the ingredients enumerated for release supplement as nausea-causing and upset-stomach- and indigestion-inducing.

GOLO Reviews

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30-day release supplement supplies and month-long metabolic eating plan is $49.95 available for purchase on amazon.com. The program received an average rating of three stars in the website, with 62 reviews. There is minimal information about the eating plan, but some people who submitted reviews said that the program focuses on a calorie-controlled meal plans with unprocessed food products, and constant encouragement to exercise. Opposite from claims, there are reviews about the program in question that said patients observed no weight loss but these are without verification.

Are You Thinking About GOLO?

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GOLO Metabolic Plan is difficult to evaluate without independent data release supplements. Also, since purchase is required before enumeration of parameters and identification nutritional composition of food products incorporated in meal plans, it is impossible to determine how effective this program is. Understand that this does not mean that you should give up. Remember that there are others that are able to trim down and maintain healthier bodies with just whole food-based eating plans, listening to their bodies, and incorporating physical activities into their routine.

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