Eat these Foods to Keep Your Skin Moisturized

  • Dry skin can be managed by applying moisturizers and eating a healthy diet.
  • Drinking plenty of water helps prevent skin dryness and dullness.
  • Foods rich in vitamin E, A and c, and beta carotene help keep the skin’s moisture, prevent wrinkles, restore damage caused by sun and pollution, and strengthen the skin barrier. 

Foods to moisturize dry skin

If you’ve been struggling with dry skin that no amount of moisturizer can seem to improve, it’s time to look into your diet. The right foods can keep your skin healthy and hydrated. 

Here’s what you should eat to help improve dry skin, according to experts. 

Sweet potatoes

Eating sweet potatoes gives your skin a double dose of nutrients, including vitamin A which is essential in skin repair, and beta carotene that strengthens your skin’s protective barrier, according to Dr. Alex Roher, a board-certified anesthesiologist in San Diego.


Avocados are packed with vitamin E and monounsaturated fats that preserves the moisture of the skin and prevent it from aging, says Dr. John Diaz, a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. For this reason, avocados are excellent for your skin, hair, and nails. 


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Cucumbers are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, which helps treat inflamed skin. According to Diaz, the peel of the cucumber contains silica that makes the skin nourished, hydrated, and firm.


The vitamins A and C and beta carotene in this citrus fruit help keep the skin moisturized and protected against type 2 diabetes.

Vitamin C boosts the collagen in your skin to fight signs of aging like wrinkles. It also makes the firm skin and speeds up its rebuilding process. According to Abbey Sharp, RD, YouTube host, and the founder of Abbey’s Kitchen Inc., vitamin c also reduces sun and pollution damage. 

Coconut oil

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Coconut oil can work as a moisturizer and is also useful for hair and nails. It can be consumed directly or used in cooking as a substitute for butter or vegetable oil. 

Coconut oil has antioxidants that help ease atopic dermatitis, according to a Dermatitis study. 


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Dehydration can cause skin dryness and dullness, making fine lines more visible. Water serves as a bacterial barrier and removes toxins from the skin, which is one of your body’s largest cleansing organs, says Sharp. 

Fatty fish

Salmon, trout, and tuna contain omega-3 fatty acids that reduce inflammation caused by UV radiation and decreases the risk of psoriasis, dermatitis, skin dryness, and other inflammatory skin problems. 

Kerry Clifford, RD and health coach at Interactive Health in Chicago, recommends eating at least four ounces of fish twice a week. 

Nuts and seeds

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Nuts and seeds are filled with vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids. Walnut and flaxseeds, in particular, are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, while almonds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds are rich in vitamin E that protects the skin from sun damage and inflammation. 


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Asparagus contains vitamin E essential in protecting and guarding your skin against sun damage. According to Clifford, it may even improve your skin texture and prevent wrinkles. 

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