CDC releases guidelines on how to go on with daily life amidst COVID-19 risk

  • Avoid staying in indoor spaces when eating in restaurants or hanging out with friends.
  • For gym-goers, sharing equipment that cannot be cleaned or disinfected is highly discouraged.
  • Make sure to check the number of cases in your city before deciding whether to attend a gathering. 

As states begin to reopen, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shared the long-awaited guidelines for Americans trying to go back to the “normal life.” 

The guidelines published on the CDC’s website came with guidance for organizing and attending big gatherings. 

According to Jay C. Butler, the CDC’s deputy director of infectious diseases and COVID-19 response incident manager, the guidelines aim to provide information about the kind of activities that may resume, the level of risk it entails, and preventive measures to take. 

Butler says while the U.S has been mostly successful in flattening the curve, some major cities and several states have seen spikes. 

Here are CDC’S guidelines on venturing into Personal and Social Activities: 

Meeting with friends

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According to Butler, before you meet with friends, consider how close and long you will interact with others, and how many people will be in attendance. The higher number of people involved, the higher risk of the coronavirus spreading. The CDC also says to consider whether the people you’re meeting up have been practicing preventive measures or at high risk of infection. 

Dining out and hanging out with friends

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The CDC advises against dining in indoor spaces when dining out or hanging with friends. The organization also reiterates wearing face coverings when not eating or drinking and remaining social distance even while outside. 

Hosting cookouts and going to the gym

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For people going to the gym, the CDC warns not to share items that are difficult to clean or sanitize, and to refrain from physical contact. It also recommends curbside pick up for those planning to borrow a book from the local library. During cookout with friends, consider using single-serve options and remind everyone to wash their hands before and after the meal. Butler also reiterates wearing face coverings when possible and practicing hand hygiene. 

Hosting and attending gatherings

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While the CDC doesn’t encourage gatherings, it shared ways on how people can safely spend time together this summer. The organization recommends checking for the number of cases are in your city or state before deciding to attend a gathering. 

The guidelines also included recommendations for facilities that are opening, such as the mandatory wearing of face coverings among staff, disinfecting areas repeatedly, socially-distanced seating, and putting up reminders about taking preventive measures like proper hand hygiene. 

Travel, schools reopening, using public transit and more

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CDC continues to reiterate its earlier guidelines of wearing a face covering, washing hands frequently, and practicing social distancing. For those looking for direction for specific situations like taking vacations, or getting their nails done, visit the CDC’s community page for guidance before venturing into these kinds of activities. 

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