98-Year-Old CEO’s Secret to Feeling Young Revealed

  • Klaus Obermeyer, CEO and founder of the Sport Obermeyer outdoor clothing company, swims, bikes, lift weights, practices akido, and stretches as part of his daily morning routine.
  • Obermeyer believes that being continuously active is the key to “staying alive.”
  • He’s 98 years old and still loves skiing.

What’s the secret to his enduring vitality?

“If you are not active, you are usually not alive, so I believe in continuously staying active,” Klaus Obermeyer replied.

He also recommends being consistent, saying “I don’t miss a day. I live a healthy life to keep my body as strong as possible.”

The ski instructor also likes his meals balanced, cooks his own breakfast, drinks a lot of water and says no to sugar as much as he can.

At three, he was already skiing in his home country of Germany. His first pair of skis was wooden boards from orange crates his father bought.

“After I saw my first skier, I thought ‘Oh my gosh, phenomenal’ and knew immediately it was my destiny. I took those boards and nailed my buckled house shoes on, and tied a string around my knee to keep the tips up. I ventured outside and built myself a jump,” Obermeyer recalled.

In 1947, Obermeyer moved to the US and worked as a ski instructor in Aspen, Colorado. He noticed then that ski clothes were not warm or functional enough.

He founded Sport Obermeyer, a company that designs, makes, and sells authentic skiwear for all ages. He made the first quilted down parka from a comforter his mother packed for him when he moved to the U.S.

Obermeyer helped revolutionize the ski industry by product innovation, including “the first high alpine sunscreen, mirrored ski sunglasses, nylon windshirt, and dual-layer ski boots.” They were not patented because he was more interested in promoting skiing itself.

“I think the inspiration comes from wanting to make skiing more fun for people,” Obermeyer said with a twinkle in his eye. “Skiing gives you a freedom of life. I love it because it combines the experience of speed with the beauty of the outdoors. Little trees standing there like people with snow on them, and the zero gravity you get when you are in the air, jumping — you are weightless. There is no other sport that combines all of these amazing things.”

He applies his life philosophy to his business philosophy. At 98, he still goes to the office every single day and never forgets to greet everyone with a smile.

“We try to be a family and not a factory. We are celebrating life every day; that makes every single day great.”

But his most important advise: “Always remember to be happy and enjoy life.”

Source: Brit Co.

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