8 Foods That Speed Up Aging

  • Some foods can trigger inflammation and speed up aging.
  • Regularly consuming foods loaded with saturated fats, salt, and sugar leads to weight gain and inflammation, which speeds up aging.
  • Alcohol, meanwhile, can cause dehydration, lower the quality of sleep, and impair your liver’s detox function.

Consuming the recommended amount of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are important for better overall health and extended longevity.

That said, it’s also important to avoid these foods that can trigger inflammation and speed up aging.

Saturated fats

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A diet filled with saturated fats (red meat, dairy, and cheese) leads to weight gain and inflammation, which speeds up aging, warns Rebecca Lewis, RD, head dietitian at HelloFresh meal service.

Fatty meat

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High-fat proteins, such as bacon and sausage, “require significant time, energy, and resources to digest and absorb,” explains Paul Salter, RD, sports nutrition consultant.

Regularly consuming these foods can also negatively affect your cholesterol and blood lipids, leading to weight gain and inflammation. This can be very straining for your body and your skin.

Dairy products

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Dairy is one of the most common sensitivities for adults. It affects people differently. Some people get skin issues when consuming dairy, and some age quicker, says Amy Shapiro, RD.

Take note of any adverse reactions whenever you eat dairy and make the appropriate changes if needed.

Foods high in sodium

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Keith-Thomas Ayoob, PhD, advises consuming salt in moderation, since excessive consumption can have a negative impact on your body, particularly on your skin.

An overdose of salt can cause water retention, which can make you look puffy-faced or swollen, he adds.

If you can’t avoid a super salty meal, make sure to undo the damage by drinking lots of water.

Deep-fried food

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Most deep-fried foods are loaded with fat and high in calories, even when cooked with “healthier” oils. Regular consumption can contribute to weight gain, which can negatively impact your skin and speed up aging.


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Drinking alcohol can cause dehydration — and when your skin is robbed of proper hydration, that can pack on the years.

Alcohol can also negatively affect your sleep.

Drinking alcohol can make you sleepy at first, but there’s a rebound effect later on that can prevent good quality, deep sleep,” Ayoob explains. “One or two drinks are fine, but more than that also puts a strain on the liver, which is the body’s detox organ.”

Sugary beverages

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Sugar-filled soda and drinks are not only bad for your health, but they also damage your teeth.

“Colas contain phosphoric acid, which can speed up erosion to the enamel. Bad teeth will make you appear older than you are, and all those empty calories aren’t doing you any favors either,” Ayoob says.

If you prefer your usual beverages (coffee or tea) to be sweeter, replace sugar with Stevia, which doesn’t contribute to tooth decay.

Salty and flavored popcorn

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Popcorn can be loaded with salt and fat, especially the microwave kind. Try making your own popcorn or skip the added butter and flavor.


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