7 Healthy Snacks For Midday Energy

  • The key to healthy midday snacks is choosing foods that can maintain your blood sugar levels while providing you sufficient energy.
  • Sugary treats may provide you energy for a short time, only to lead to another energy dip.
  • A balanced snack should provide you with protein, fiber, and good fat.

On days when the midday slump hits really hard, you might feel like you’re almost jet-lagged. While you can avoid experiencing this in the first place, snacking on something healthy can also help. 

The key is to choose healthy foods that help balance your blood sugar and keep your energy levels high. You can do this by combining nutrients like protein, fiber, and fat. These foods can help you feel full and energized, without the crash that usually comes when you eat sugary treats. 

Here are some foods to fight off that midday slump: 

1. Guacamole and veggies

Guacamole is great for dip snacks. The avocados provide healthy fats, and the dish only requires four ingredients. Eat it with fresh crunchy veggies like cucumbers, bell peppers, carrots, or raw broccoli. 

2. Yogurt bowl

Yogurt, especially full-fat Greek yogurt or high-quality yogurt, is the perfect base for a satisfying snack. Unsweetened yogurt provides several options for sweet and savory yogurt bowls you can snack on. If you want a sweet snack, add berries, honey, and granola to your unsweetened yogurt. For a savory version, add a spread of yogurt to your cucumber, chickpeas, and herbs. 

3. Nutrient-packed smoothie

A smoothie requires a simple and quick recipe that’s perfect for snacks. But to make sure it provides all the healthy benefits you need, go for a smoothie that allows you to add more fibrous or protein-heavy ingredients like banana or yogurt. 

4. Protein-packed hummus with a twist

Hummus is packed with protein and good fats, making it the ultimate afternoon snack. It also goes well with veggies. If you want a sweet version of hummus, you can try a brownie batter hummus, which pairs perfectly with fresh sliced fruit.

5. Snack bar

There’s a reason why bars are a crowd favorite: they’re convenient and a perfect on-the-go snack. And though their popularity has diminished over the years, these snacks can still provide nutrients and energy to your afternoons. 

6. Nature’s snacks

Fruits and nuts are snacks that are simple but high in protein. Pair your almonds or pistachios with blueberries or blackberries that are rich in antioxidants, or snack on sliced apples with homemade nut butter spread.

5. Homemade crackers

Crackers may sound classic, but they can provide you energy and nutrients, especially if they are homemade because you take control of the ingredients. Baking protein-packed crackers also allow you to have a mindful moment in the middle of a busy day and provides a break from work in a way that engages your senses. Pair your crackers with some healthy cheese or simple dip to add some protein and good fats.

When choosing snacks, make sure to keep them balanced so they can keep you full and fully functioning throughout your day.


Source: MBG Food

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