7 Habits that Prevent Your Hair from Thinning

  • All people will eventually experience hair thinning as they age.
  • There are many reasons why hair thinning happens, including diets, illnesses, surgeries, and even hormonal changes.
  • Also, some bad hair habits are causing you to experience hair thinning faster.

There are several reasons why hair becomes thinner, including medical conditions, lifestyle habits, diet, and hormonal changes. While you cannot prevent your hair from thinning when you’re aging, there are some bad hair habits that you can avoid to stop or slow down hair thinning.

Here are some of the hair-expert recommended ways on how to stop your hair from getting thinner.

Maintain a healthy body.

To keep the hair healthy and strong, you should include foods rich in calcium and iron, such as eggs, dairy, and spinach. Cosmetic surgeon, Sonam Yadav, recommends following a diet that can provide the nutrients to make the hair healthier.

Avoiding stress can also ensure that your bodies will be healthier; thus, giving you hair that makes you feel proud and confident.

Don’t miss out on workouts.

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A healthy circulatory system can lead to better blood flow to the scalp resulting in healthier scalp and hair. That is why TV hairstylist Laura Burns suggests doing regular exercise to make your heart healthier and its blood pumping capabilities stronger.

Limit hair-wash days.

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While it gives you a refreshed feeling when you wash your hair daily, dermatologist Tsippora Shainhouse explains that washing your hair two to three times a week would be enough. It is because the hair loses its glow and shiny texture as time goes by, and washing it always will dry it out.

Use gentle hair products.

According to Nunzio Saviano, founder of Nunzio Saviano Salon in New York, it is best to minimize using dry shampoo as they can remove hair oils and make the hair dull. He adds that using a gentle shampoo and conditioner is also helpful. Avoid using intense shampoos like clarifying and detoxifying shampoos as they also strip essential hair oils.

Putting on a lot of hair products like mousse and promenades can only make your hair heavier and duller. Burns shares that using gentle volumizer or hair tonic is a better choice. Saviano also agrees that putting lesser hair products will make your hair shinier and bouncier.

Keep your scalp healthy, as well.

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Taking good care of your scalp will result in a healthier lock. When your scalp is healthy, the hair follicles are nourished with the needed nutrients to make it grow shinier, bouncier, and more robust. Saviano and Burns both recommend brushing your hair using a boar bristle brush that can stimulate the scalps.

Set some days to let down your hair.

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Perming, curling, and ironing can also damage your hair if done every day. While it is great to have different hairstyles, using heat regularly can remove the hair’s moisture and softness. Saviano suggests air drying the hair instead. It is less harmful and could make your hair look younger. Also, tying your hair can make the follicles weaker, making your hair prone to thinning and falling.

Avoid too much sun exposure and pollution.

UV rays from the sun promote drying out of hair and faster fading of hair color. So, Dr. Shainhouse reminds everyone to use hats to protect the hair from being damaged. Besides, pollutants in the air can cause several damages to your hair, including hair cell damage and hair aging.

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