7 Effective Ways To Suppress Your Appetite

  • Losing weight could be really difficult if you don’t have the discipline for it… or if you have a voracious appetite.
  • Suppressing your appetite could be one effective way of shedding that unwanted weight.
  • Experts shares some healthy and simple ways of suppressing your hunger.

If you have been trying to lose some weight, you may have also resorted to ways like suppressing your hunger and appetite. Experts shared that suppressing your appetite could be one solution to lose some of that unwanted weight effectively. Also, here are some of their recommended ways on how to do it healthily and productively.

Be mindful of what you eat.

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Paying attention to what you eat could be one key to suppress your appetite. Savoring the taste, smell, and texture of every food you eat could help you quickly identify and manage fullness cues. According to a 2014 review of studies, mindful eating can help manage eating disorders like binge eating and stress eating.

Enjoy a pre-dinner exercise.

Exercising right before a meal could effectively suppress the hunger hormone acylated ghrelin. It can also increase the levels of appetite suppressant hormones. Be careful not to overdo it because you might end up eating more to compensate for the energy you lost during the exercise. A short but intense exercise should be enough to suppress your hunger.

Breathe in, breathe out.

Stress could lead to overeating and weight gain. When your body is under stress, there is an increased production of cortisol hormones. According to Keri Glassman, a New York City nutritionist, increased cortisol levels could result in abdominal fat accumulation and other related diseases. Too much cortisol also prevents leptin production, which is a signal hormone that notifies the brain when you are already full.

People tend to crave more foods with high sugar and carbohydrate content when they are stressed. It is because these foods produce serotonin, which is known to provide a calming and soothing effect. So when you are stressed, remember to breathe deeply and let out your stress.

Hydrate before each meal.

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Hydrating before eating could make you feel fuller faster. You can also opt to eat vegetables with high water content like celery, cucumber, lettuce, radishes, and zucchini. Joy Bauer, nutritionist and founder of Nourish Snacks, suggests spicing up your water by adding cucumber and citrus slices or trying seltzer water instead.

Enjoy an apple each day.

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An apple can serve as an appetite suppressant through its high water content, pectin, and soluble fiber content. Bauer adds that eating apples involves a lot of chewing and allows you to portion your food; that is why it is an excellent choice for an appetite suppressant. Also, according to one study, apple cider vinegar can help suppress appetite by its unpleasant taste.

Add some spice.

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Spicy foods are known to be natural appetite suppressants. Bauer explains that eating spicy foods can make you eat slower and lesser.

Besides, peppermint can also help control hunger. One study showed that smelling peppermint constantly every two hours for five days resulted in fewer calories among the participants. That is 1,800 fewer calories than those who did not smell peppermint.

Top it with chia seeds.

Chia seeds are not only nutritious, but also good hunger suppressants. They can make you feel full for an extended period by expanding in your stomach. You can add it to your oatmeal or yogurt. They can also go well in smoothies and pancakes.

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