3 Steps to Help You Restart a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can get difficult, especially in times of stress.
  • But getting back to a healthy lifestyle really isn’t supposed to be that complicated — so make sure to keep your plan simple.
  • All you need is to identify what’s keeping you from staying in track, start with simple goals, and make your plan sustainable.

It’s easy to fall off the tracks when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, especially in times of stress or when your regular schedule has been thrown into disarray.

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It can also be because you were too hard on yourself and set impossible goals in the first place.

Trying to get back to a healthy lifestyle can feel overwhelming, but it really isn’t supposed to be that complicated. All you need is to follow these 3 easy steps: identify what’s keeping you from staying in track, start with simple goals, and make your plan sustainable.

We’re all living in crazy times, but as we all adapt to a “new normal,” you may slowly find it easier to stick to healthy habits.

3 Steps to Restart a Healthy Lifestyle

You don’t need a drastic change or a strict diet on day 1 to be healthy.

1. Find out what hinders you

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What is making it difficult for you to maintain an exercise routine or a healthy diet?

Is there not enough time to prep meals such that you keep grabbing the quick, unhealthy meal? Does your new schedule make it difficult for you to find time for exercise?

Find out what the biggest problem is and think of solutions on how you can counter it.

2. Start with small and simple goals

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Starting with a lofty, seemingly impossible goal can become another hindrance for you.

For instance, if you set a goal such as losing 10 pounds in 10 days or not eating meat for a month when you’ve been a meat lover for life, can set you up for failure. You may get discouraged when you find yourself giving up.

The best way for you to succeed is to set up simple goals that you can easily achieve.

For example, instead of promising to do 20 push-ups and 20 squats every day, first try making it 5 of each. If you still can’t do it, try doing however many you can. If you do it and find it’s too easy, adjust accordingly.

Find something you get excited about and make it healthy. If you like dancing, make it your daily exercise routine. If you like snacking, search for some easy-to-make healthy snack recipes.

3. Create habits that are sustainable

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Remember to keep your plan simple enough and sustainable such that you can stick to it in the long run.

Aiming for healthier meals? Search for healthy recipes that you can easily and quickly prepare even when you’re busy. Set aside some time in the weekend or every night to prepare your meals beforehand. Create a shopping list of the food and ingredients you regularly need. Stock up on fruit or healthy snacks such as nuts.

Aiming for regular exercise? Set aside a few minutes every day for physical activity, be it walking, stretching, or simply doing household chores.

The Takeaway

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Start small and simple. Don’t be too hard on yourself or jump onto loftier goals faster than you can handle. Go slow, and slowly adjust your goals as you see fit. You will get to the place you want eventually.


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