10 Habits to Avoid If You Want to Lose Weight

  • Losing weight needs patience and a positive attitude.
  • Many people resort to different ways and methods to achieve their weight goals.
  • While there are helpful habits to help you lose weight, you might also have habits that are unintentionally ruining your weight loss.

Losing weight can be considered as one of the goals of nearly 71% of the adult population. These people are mainly obese and overweight. While health is the main reason for weight loss, some people lose weight to feel good about their self and well-being.

Weight loss could mean following different diet plans, exercise programs and a healthy lifestyle. While there are several ways how to lose weight, there are also many ways on how not to lose weight continuously.

Take a look at some of the habits you might be doing, which could be disrupting your weight loss journey.

Skipping Meals

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You might think that skipping meals is a good idea because it will help you cut on your calorie intake and create a calorie deficit. But when you don’t regularly eat, your body will respond by conserving calories and slowing down your metabolism. The better way is to eat in small portions several times because it will prompt your body to metabolize continuously and actively.

Getting Less Sleep

Getting enough sleep improves your brain function as well as decrease appetite and reduce the craving for junk foods. This fact is according to one study where people who sleep eight and a half hours every night had a 14% decrease in overall appetite and lowered their junk food cravings by 62%.

Also, getting enough sleep at night prevents you from taking naps during the day. Research showed that people who nap during the day burn fewer calories.

Drinking too much alcohol

One study proved that drinking alcohol in excessive amount can hinder the burning of fats. In the study, eight men were asked to consume two vodkas and one sugar-free lemonade cocktail. Results showed that burning of fat decreased by 73% just a few hours after drinking vodka.

Not going for a walk

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Walking can be the simplest way to get your body moving. One study suggests that even a two-minute walk after every hour can have positive effects. So even when you are at work, take a break and walk.

Avoiding weight training

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Weight training can give you more muscle mass that can help you burn more calories and speed up metabolism. While you’re at it, aim to increase the amount of what you lift to get better results.

Eating Pre-workout Meals

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A study in the Journal Of Nutrition and Metabolism confirmed that exercising in an empty stomach can burn 20% more fat than when exercising full. But if you need to eat before a workout, you can do so but only with a light snack.

Keeping your food plain

Adding pepper to your meal can speed up the body’s ability to convert food into energy according to a study. So next time don’t forget to add pepper.

Eating too quickly

Enjoying and chewing your food can have beneficial effects. A study showed that slowly eating your food can increase the calories burned during digestion and improves the absorption of nutrients.

Skipping regular check weights

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Checking your weight can help you track your progress and serves as your motivation.

Rewarding yourself with treats

Instead of sweet foods, it is better to pamper yourself with a massage, spa, movie or salon makeover.

Source: Eat This, Not That!

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